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Sunday, July 4th, 2004
3:24 pm - Maddie and Josh are heeeere.

Maddie tossed and turned in her four poster bed, her green eyes wide as they stared into the darkness. It was past midnight, well past curfew, and most of the students and faculty were already asleep. Flopping over onto her stomach, Maddie stifled a groan. She didn't know why she felt so restless, but she did know that this was a horrible night to feel so restless. Tomorrow was the first quidditch match of the year- and they were up against Gryffendor no less- and without any sleep she was sure to play horribly. The last thing she wanted to do was to make herself look like a fool in front of Oliver Wood- and the entire school.

However, as several more minutes elapsed and she still was not able to even close her eyes, Maddie finally resigned herself to a sleepless night. Rolling out of bed she crept out of the dormitory, down the stairs, through the common room, and out into the hall. Perhaps a walk in the night air might soothe her nerves. She hurried down the dark corriders, wishing that she'd had thought to bring her wand for some light. She was just turning the corner when she crashed into someone heading in the opposite direction.

"Crap," She muttered to herself as she struggled to get back to her feet. All she needed now was to be caught by a teacher.

But the hand that was being offered to her did not belong to any teacher. Maddie accepted the hand as she looked up into a handome face marked by sapphire blue eyes. She recognized him as a chaser on the Slytherin team, and brother to Oliver Wood.

"Thanks," She murmered as the finally got to her feet, blushing slightly at her clumsiness.

Her helper just shrugged. "Just watch where you're going next time, will you? Where're you going in such a hurry, anyways?"

"I was just hoping to take a walk outside," Maddie answered, then suddenly noticed a flash of silver on his robes. It was just her luck to be caught by a Head Boy. "You won't report me, will you?"

Josh flashed her a white-toothed smirk. "Not if you'll allow me to accompany you," He told her, his voice silky-smooth.

"Oh... of course you may," Maddie said hesitantly. Josh gave her another sly smile as he offered her a crooked arm. She accepted it and they made their way out into the cool night air. Maddie breathed deeply as they strode through the grounds. It was a beautiful night, there was a full moon and a light breeze played through her hair. She was about to remark on the weather, when Josh put a finger on her lips.

"Ssh" Maddie opened her mouth again to ask why she should be quiet when she heard a voice nearby. Looking over in the direction that Josh was now pointing toward, she saw a woman standing not far off, a young man standing beside her. She recognized the woman as a teacher, and was about to dash back inside the building when she all of a sudden turned around and looked straight at the two of them.

"Now we're in trouble," Maddie muttered darkly.

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Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
5:50 pm - A Stu :o

A Stu! A Stu!Collapse )

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Friday, June 11th, 2004
12:10 pm - After a Long Pause...

Having no purpose...in life, or in death...
Would shange the meaning of drowning...or breath...
When your life has gone wrong and they don't understand
I will be there with you...holding your hand...

"Fuck. No, that doesn't work."
Xaevyr grasped his quill firmly between his forefinger and thumb, scribbling out the last line of the song he was trying to write. He took his guitar onto his lap again and started to play various minor chords slowly, mouthing the words again.

When your life has gone wrong and the world doesn't spin
I lose my own contience as I'm caressing your skin...

"No! Damnit!" he hissed anxiously and scribbled out his whole poem, then ripped up the parchment and threw it in a random direction. He sighed and collapsed on the green leather sofa in the Slytherin Common room at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. He was supposed to be doing his potions homework, but he was too aggrivated with himself that he had forgotten all about it.

If there was only something to take his mind off of his failure and his urge to smash his guitar against the wall...If only...
Suddenly he heard the sound of footsteps comming from the steps to the dormitories, and he spun around to see who had read his mind.

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Wednesday, May 26th, 2004
1:21 pm

Hello everyone! I have made a new icon/request community! come and join! Its called dabria_icons i have way to much spare time, and an addiction to making icons. The only thing i cannot do it animated ones, sorry :( havent quite figured out how to do that yet! but please, come and join and bug me to make what you want!

x-posted freaking everywhere!! xx

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Monday, May 3rd, 2004
12:45 am

*shudders*Collapse )

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Tuesday, April 27th, 2004
4:06 pm

My one true love turns out to be my sister!

Name of your Mary-Sue character: Xaevyr Ruun Israfel VanWingen

Age & Date of Birth: Xaevyr looks the age of 17, but his actual age is much older. Hundreds of years, possibly...

Appearance: Xaevyr is 5'8" and weighs 135 lbs. He has no fat on him atall, and the rest is slightly toned muscle. His skin is fare and pale, and his hair is shoulder-length and black, but it shines blue in the light. His eyes glow like fire, but they dull almost to grey when he's tired, sleeping, exhausted, or needs to feed. His canines are the usual size unless he is hungry. Then they are almost an inch long. His fingernails are long and transparent, and he wears a fullt set of finger armor on his left hand. He usually wears traditional night cut tail coat tuxedos (with top hat, sword cane, and cape), but sometimes he wears modern chain pants and a black spandex long-sleeve shirt (with combat boots and frock coat). He sometimes has black angel wings that burst painfully out of his shoulderblades at will.

Personality: He is the upmost sweetest guy in the whole world. He deticates himself to making everyone happy around him, and never once thinks about himself, yet somehow has moderate self-esteem. He only feeds on criminals and the dreadfully sick, otherwise he starves himself until he finds someone. He's a hopeless romantic, and wishes more than anything he will find love eventually, and that it will last forever.

Brief History (and make it woeful! WOE!!!): Xaevyr was born into that family of his parents, Persephone and Daemyin. He spent most of his days in his room, hearing his mothers screams and his fathers shouts, and get tucked into bed by a bruised, broken, cut, but beautiful woman, who did not know how to leave her drunk of a husband. There was much growing up to do on Xaevyr's part, until he became old enough to leave his father with her. He had stood in his father's way until he took a blow. He stumbled, but hit him back, and, surprisingly, beat him to the ground, then ran away with his mother. But it was no use, she died from her wounds, and so he burried her under a willow tree somewhere in a meadow a ways away from their house.

He romed the streets, homeless and jobless, going into nightculbs for the nights. One night, while he danced in a mosh pit, he met another very attractive young man. The young man lead him to a house, where Xaevyr was seduced, though he thought of hiself as straight before. He then was bitten, and turned into vampire that night. His angle wing had appeared as he awoke from his sleep the following night, and he figured he had died and gotten them the night before.

Tell us some random stuff about 'em, now: Xaevyr is another word for savior. I do not know what language, but I know that I'm right. He is a vampire and a fallen angel. He is the sweetest guy in the world. Not that it matters, but his penis is 7 1/2" long. he has a six pack. looks like brian molko. he's hot. shag him.

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Saturday, April 24th, 2004
6:45 pm - In A Humble Fashion, I Submit To You........

MyCollapse )

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Friday, April 23rd, 2004
3:21 pm

Well Jilly, i finally joined! Hope she is mary-sue-ish enough for you!!

<b>My one true love turns out to be my sister!</b>Collapse )

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Friday, April 16th, 2004
4:59 pm


My one true love turns out to be my sister!

Name of your Mary-Sue charictor: Emily Lee Stuart Mirk Riddle

Age&Date of Birth: Born on February 14, 1970. Age will be...you can do the math
Mwhahaha Its Another OneCollapse )

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Saturday, November 15th, 2003
7:44 pm

Fwee, this looks like fun! xD Can I, like, have more than one Sue? :O

This, sadly, is based on an actual character that I had once *sigh*Collapse )

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Thursday, April 15th, 2004
3:49 pm

This was a Mary-Sue I was going to rp on HOC but never did for some reason. I didn't really realise she was a Mary-Sue at the time, but no one ever does. I lost her original bio, so I basically just made up another one based on fanfiction and drawings that I remember...this is really long, too. so...yeah.

i vant to read your bioCollapse )

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Wednesday, April 14th, 2004
11:54 am - n00b!

Unfortunately, this is actually a character I used to RP, in my younger days. This was not a joke. She is the niece of Igor Karkaroff, and her parents are good friends with the Malfoys. She is named after Lucius's fictional mother, who he used to shag. We were an incestuous bunch, back at HOC.

May join later with my PotC MS.

This is also amazingly long. So CUT!!Collapse )

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
8:49 pm - POTC sue...

Tiz a total POTC Mary-Sue ish person.

My one true love turns out to be my sister!
Name of your Mary-Sue charictor: Gypsy Mary Jewel Elizabeth Paris Turner

Age&Date of Birth: lik3 u no December 31st!!!11

Appearance: Im tall wif long brown hair that shimmers and sparkles in the sun and goes past my butt. It's semi curly.

Personality: I'm all angsty and stuff, but I appear to be happy so no one worries!!!

Brief History (and make it woeful! WOE!!!): When I was 6 I was captured by pirates!!!!111one it was horrible!! they raped me and everythign and I almost was married to the captain, but I killed him! It was angsty because when they captured me i was taken away from my brother, Will Turner. It was sad. But I met up with him again without realizing it and we fell in love!!!!11 But I found out I was somehow engaged to that evil Commodore, Norrington!!!1 But I also met Jack Sparrow and fell in love him!!!111 he saved me from Norrington and told me that Will was my brother!!!11

Tell us some random stuff about 'em, now: I am the best swordswoman around!!1 I kick such ass! Everyone loves me because well, I'm perfect, but I never admit it. EVeryone is envious cuz I'm so great. That girl Anamaria hates me cuz Jack loves me and not her.

And now for you, my dear

What's your name, eh? Megan

How old are ye (not that it matters...) 17 ^^;

What's your AIM? Eh. One Lusty Pirate ... Pirate BillBill ... Really Bad Eggs0

MSN? cap_njacksparrow@hotmail.com

Tells us what you likes, precious... ... I like Captain Jack Sparrow. That should be enough. XPPP

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